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Meet our Directors

Santi Britz

Santi Britz fell prey to the hardship of South Africa’s crime and abuse against woman and children, when she was raped on the 21st of January 2009.

During her slow and painful recovery the urge to step up and do something positive against this violent crime, led her on a path of help and caring for victims of our crime ridden society.

The story of one of the victims whom she helped inspired the birth of an orginasation fighting this horrific crime nationwide.

She founded the iDuc Foundation against abuse of women and children in 2013.

Her aim is not only to help and assist victims of abuse but also work very closely with men, creating awareness amongst them regarding abuse against woman and children.

Santi is also a successful business woman who has been making a living out of Real Estate for the past 20 years.

She is a municipal Councillor of Tlokwe Municipality and National Patron of the iDuc project for the South African Council of Business Woman.

Simone van Tonder

Simonè is 25 years old and the daughter of Santi Britz. Her journey after her mother was raped was a difficult and painful one.

Today she is a positive and active part of our awareness program against abuse of woman and children

She is also a lecturer at the North-West University in English Linguistics and a member on the Board of iDuc.