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Strategic Partnerships

IDUC has identified organisations that share our vision of empowering women and youth and stop violence.

Banna Ba Kae Against Rape

The theme of this awareness campaign is “Changing Attitudes”. The campaign wants to effect real cultural change by raising awareness and changing attitudes to sexual violence. TO END RAPE CULTURE! The campaign speaks to men and boys who seek to influence their behaviour and to not mean it discriminates. The campaign does not mean that men are the only perpetrators of violence against women and children. The message is clear: No one deserves to be abused and that is irrespective of gender. This campaign places responsibility on perpetrators, reduce victim blaming and raise awareness about the meaning of consent.

The objective is to transform the mind set of gender based violence; to reduce rape cases to zero; to establish a support group for survivors of rape; to counter against the negativity of the community towards the sexual behaviour of men and boys.

SA Council for Businesswomen

The SACBW is an inclusive, dynamic, vibrant and powerful agent of change for economic growth in the South African business environment.  The iDuc is one of their social responsibility projects that they support nationally. Santi Britz is the Patron of the iDuc project within the SACBW and Santi with the branches will determine the need for the Shelter/Crises centre and with the funds that they raise they give support through:

  • Awareness at events
  • Gowns for victims
  • Motivational camps
  • Training as lay councillors to support victims in the community
  • Training to be empowered to find a job or to start a business