The first iDUC chapter that has played itself out over the last decade or so was focused on assisting victims of rape and abuse, that lead to a long standing working relationship with crisis centers. iDUC has directly and indirectly touched the lives of hundreds of victims and their loved ones. The next chapter is aimed at building on the successes of the last decade.


We want to build on the original dream of assisting victims after the unthinkable trauma. In 2020 the dream is to uplift the victims even further so they can become survivors in the true sense of the word.We want to train them to become leaders, councilors, and ultimately "Wounded Healers." We want to teach the survivors skills so that they can escape their circumstances and proudly stand independently, on their own two feet. We have identified a dire need for skills development among victims of rape and abuse.


Statistically victims struggle to become part of society after their trauma. Many victims become secondary victims of their circumstances due to the lack of a strong support system. When victims don’t have any special skills they cannot find a job in order to sustain themselves and their children, which means that many women goes back to the abusive partners or families.


How do we then break this cycle? If we give them the tools and teach them the skills they need, they become equipped to rise above their circumstances, build a better life for themselves and become contributing, flourishing members of society.

Project 1

Pay it Forward Leadership

Project 2

Empower the Healers

Project 3

The iDUC Skills Development Center